Short-term personnel

Danilo & Thaís Santos – Brazilian new joiners to Cambodia

A young Brazilian couple in their 20s, Danilo has a degree in marketing and Thaís in dance. They hail from the northeast of Brazil and have already served one year in Cambodia with another Christian organization. While there, they met other Brazilians with OMF and realised they would love to be members of a mission agency that gives good member care and proper language training, as well as ministry direction. So they started their application to OMF while still in Cambodia!

Valéria Correia – Serve Asia Worker

Valéria is a 25-year-old Brazilian who has a Bachelor´s degree in Library Science. From 2019-2022 she studied at Bible School in the US where she became interested in East Asia. Initially hoping to serve in China we have now found an opportunity for her to go to Taiwan, as a one year Serve Asia Worker, where she will study Chinese at a University for a year and work alongside the TW Field in reaching out to young people and women in the community where she will be based. Her home church in Fortaleza is very supportive of her application and excited to see how the Lord will lead her longer term too.

Carolina Selles – Serve Asia Worker

Carol is a 38-year-old Brazilian with a degree in Technology and Digital Media with a major in Art and Technology. She has worked professionally in marketing and digital web design and is currently working as the Coordinator for Communication in a Christian NGO called Compassiva which reaches out to Syrian refugees in Brazil. She is also studying at the theological seminary Servant of Christ in São Paulo.

Luigi Gonzalez – Serve Asia Worker

Luigi is a 28-year-old Guatemalan trained in pastoral ministry and education. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and a Master’s degree in University Education. He has some experience as a Presbyterian pastor. Luigi said, “Although I love to work with all youth, I have a special passion to help equip young people with a calling to ministry.”


Oana, a software engineer from Romania feels a strong call to Japan, and has been on this path since she was in seventh grade when she was given a picture book with Japanese writing.

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