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It comes from observations that many people can’t proceed to their God-ordained place of service due to lack of funds. It is a biblical principle that those blessed with an abundance of material wealth should share it with those less privileged. match4mission is seeking in a small way to address this problem.

We’ve noticed that short-termers are often the catalysts for mission. By travelling to different parts of the world they see the spiritual needs, and when they return to their home country they either prepare to go long-term, or they mobilise others to pray, to give or to go themselves.

We’ve set the level at 5% on all donations, hoping that this will be sufficient to cover all admin and maintenance costs

Sadly, this is something which occasionally happens, for a number of reasons. We will get in touch with all those who have donated towards the project and discuss with them how they want us to proceed. Some may want us to use the money for a similar project, others will want the money back, in which case we will comply with their request.

We would welcome and seek to facilitate a personal contact, but the final decision has to be with the individual concerned.

We don’t have the capacity and the contacts to respond to people or situations worldwide, so for logistic and administrative reasons we have to limit our scope to dealing with UK-based organisations only.

No, we send the money to the organisation that recommended the individual person, and they forward it internally to the place of need.

Because of personal contacts, this is how match4mission started. However, it needn’t stay that way. We’d love to have a worldwide impact, and welcome applications from organisations that operate in different parts of the world

We want to be very careful not to create dependencies. The ideal scenario is that each person and each project is sponsored by their church and community. Sadly, with huge inequalities in the world this isn’t always possible. However, our donations will always be one-offs, thus avoiding the danger of creating a dependency.

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