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28 February 2023

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Luigi is a 28-year-old Guatemalan trained in pastoral ministry and education.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Theology and a Master’s degree in University Education.  He has some experience as a Presbyterian pastor.  Luigi said, “Although I love to work with all youth, I have a special passion to help equip young people with a calling to ministry.”

Having been interested in Japanese language & culture for some time, in early 2020 he felt God asking him to take steps to explore a calling to Japan.  He contacted OMF, wanting to explore fmZERO student ministry in Hokkaido but unfortunately, the pandemic came along.  In addition, his church at the time was not interested in cross-cultural missions, which was a great sadness to Luigi.  He regretfully put his application on hold, feeling that was God calling him to make his home in another church and that’s where his focus was to be at the time. 

Two years later, Luigi got in touch again!  Pastor Alain Afonso, Luigi’s pastor takes up the story, “During the pandemic, two years ago, Luigi arrived in the church.  Despite his qualifications and his experience as a pastor of a Presbyterian church, he came into the Iglesia Casa de Libertad here in Guatemala City in a very humble and low profile way, seeking to serve people.  His interest in Japan and commitment to learning Japanese came across very early.  I saw that Luigi’s disappointment in not being able to go to Japan two years ago did not translate into apathy.  Instead, he gave his time freely to the church.  His skills were detected and he was asked to take on the training of young leaders in the church, which he has done very capably.  He is also part of the Acts 29 pastoral residency programme.”  Pastor Alain endorses whole-heartedly Luigi’s application to the Serve Asia program and is hopeful that this might encourage others in the church to deepen their involvement in mission. 

Luigi is also working with a Christian NGO called Cada Niño with a focus on youth ministry.  They really appreciate Luigi, so much so that they have indicated that they would like to support him even though they will miss him greatly.

Luigi will be going as a Serve Asia Worker to Japan, hopefully by March 2023.

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