Malata Salamu

Project Costs

Total cost:

£9,300 for four years

Pledged by match4mission:

£1,550.00 per year for four years

  1. Malata Salamu, Nigeria

    £75.00 donated of £1,555.00 goal

31st December 2022

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Malata Salamu needs further training in order to reach out to the Hausa-speaking community in Accra.

Malata and Daniel are missionaries from Nigeria, having worked with SIM in Burkina Faso for eight years among street children and teenagers. In 2017 they were asked to head up the SIM West Africa Missions Office (WAMO) in Accra, Ghana, with the task of recruiting, screening and preparing missionaries from West Africa to be sent to various parts of the world. But they also discovered a small community of Hausa-speaking people in Accra, and Malata in particular would like to reach out to them.

Even though she speaks their language fluently she still feels ill-equipped for this task. Seeing these people’s conditions, she realizes that they lack access to good medical care. To respond to this need, Malata would like to study Public Health, and has found a Christian university in Accra where she could take a three-year degree course.

With financial support from a West African context being very difficult, Dan and Malata have approached match4mission to seek donors to help them with the cost of this course.

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