Help facilitate the spread of the Gospel by investing in missionaries from low-economy backgrounds to fulfil their God-given calling; mission literature and partnerships between established and emerging mission organisations.

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Short-term personnel

Support young (and not so young) missionaries embarking on short-term mission projects as they step out in faith.

Help young (and not so young) people get a taste of missions. A short-term trip often leads to a long-term commitment. And even when it doesn’t, the experience of a cross-cultural ministry trip can be life-changing, and the person concerned can become a catalyst for mission in their church and community.

Long-term personnel

Partner with those who God has called to long-term mission, helping their ministry to be more sustainable and effective.

People who have committed to long-term mission need ongoing training. Learning the language and about culture are life-long tasks. They may also have specific needs for which their sending church is unable to support them. Invest in these to make their ministry much more effective.


Media projects

Invest in the production of evangelistic media projects and high-quality resources which have the potential to change lives across the world.

Good media about mission helps people to better understand the need for mission and challenges them to get more involved. Info material, prayer booklets, stories and biographies can change people’s understanding of mission and bring them to a new conviction about their part in the Great Commission of Jesus.

Partnership projects

Provide funding to enable international missionary partnerships to grow and reach those who otherwise would not hear the Good News.

The last 25 years have seen a remarkable shift of the profile of mission. For many years it was a domain of people from Western countries going to the rest of the world to bring the good news. Today, we see a much greater movement from countries, which until recently were missionary-receiving countries, becoming missionary-sending countries.

Emerging mission agencies in these countries are looking for models of sustainable and effective mission, resulting in fruitful partnerships between old and new groups. These partnership projects provide the funds to facilitate such partnerships.

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