Short-term personnel

Support young (and not so young) missionaries embarking on short-term mission projects as they step out in faith.

A short-term trip often leads to a long-term commitment. And even when it doesn’t, the experience of a cross-cultural ministry trip can be life-changing, and the person concerned can become a catalyst for mission in their church and community.

Myanmar Refugees Crisis

Considering the urgency of the situation, we are aiming at an initial collection of £5,000, then see how this goes and how the situation on the ground develops.

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Khambawi, from Manipur, Northeast India

Khambawi asks for your help to make it possible for him to complete his final year of theology studies (M.Div.) at South Asia Institute of Advanced Christian Studies (SAIACS) in Bangalore.

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Mary, called to serve in a sensitive deployment in South East Asia

Mary senses God’s call to serve Him in a South-East Asian country.

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Malata Salamu

Malata Salamu wants to undergo further studies in order to reach out to the Hausa-speaking community in Accra.​

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Couple on short-term mission

Dmytro and Anastasia Zuiev

Dima and Nastya Zuiev are a young couple from Ukraine who are now preparing for an eleven-month placement in Japan with OMF.

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