Short-term personnel

Support young (and not so young) missionaries embarking on short-term mission projects as they step out in faith.

A short-term trip often leads to a long-term commitment. And even when it doesn’t, the experience of a cross-cultural ministry trip can be life-changing, and the person concerned can become a catalyst for mission in their church and community.

Gina, a nurse, called to help children in Asia

Gina senses God’s call to serve Him and help children in Asia.

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Mary, called to serve in a sensitive deployment in South East Asia

Mary senses God’s call to serve Him in a South-East Asian country.

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Malata Salamu

Malata Salamu wants to undergo further studies in order to reach out to the Hausa-speaking community in Accra.​

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Couple on short-term mission

Dmytro and Anastasia Zuiev

Dima and Nastya Zuiev are a young couple from Ukraine who are now preparing for an eleven-month placement in Japan with OMF.

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