Short-term personnel

Support young (and not so young) missionaries embarking on short-term mission projects as they step out in faith.

A short-term trip often leads to a long-term commitment. And even when it doesn’t, the experience of a cross-cultural ministry trip can be life-changing, and the person concerned can become a catalyst for mission in their church and community.


Oana, a software engineer from Romania feels a strong call to Japan, and has been on this path since she was in seventh grade when she was given a picture book with Japanese writing.

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Thiago from Brazil would like to be involved in student and youth outreach in Japan for 3 months.

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He went on a short term prayer trip to Japan in 2019 and now wants to go back for a longer period to serve in churches

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Hanna is hoping to support missionary families in Japan by looking after the children

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The Mardones Family

Cheo and Lisa Mardones, a Chiean family preparing to go to Japan

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Myanmar Refugees Crisis

Considering the urgency of the situation, we are aiming at an initial collection of £5,000, then see how this goes and how the situation on the ground develops.

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