Vision & Values


In the increasingly globalised world of missions, there are discernible trends developing that prompted the creation of the match4mission charity:

The Great Commission

In a new mission paradigm, where traditional missionary-receiving countries have become missionary-sending countries, God is calling young people from all over the world to participate in the Great Commission.

Mission movement

God is working through these young people to create an Indigenous Mission Movement in their church, community and country.

Insufficient funding

Yet, sadly, a number of them start the process, but are hindered from reaching their destination due to insufficient funding.


In order to sustain a mission movement good media productions are essential, to inform people about the spiritual needs in the world and encourage them to pray, learn, send, give and go.


Partnerships between established missions and newly emerging missions are of foremost importance to create synergy and effectiveness in missions.

Matching funds

match4mission seeks to address these areas of need by providing matching funds for worthy individuals, to help finance missions, media and the establishing of partnerships.

Our vision

match4mission exists to glorify God through the promotion of the Christian faith, by facilitating the spread, growth and effectiveness of global mission by providing financial help to missionaries, for partnerships and media projects.

Our values

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