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31st December 2022

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Reaching out to young people in Japan

Thiago (aged 21) from Brazil would like to be involved in student and youth outreach in Japan for 3 months.  His application has been on hold due to travel restrictions.  His professional background is Linguistics and Computer Sciences.  He has been studying Japanese in preparation for his trip.  During the pandemic he has been assisting his Church with broadcasting online services and preaching at youth services.  He writes: I am praying about being a missionary in Japan.  Originally, I did not start learning Japanese in order to become one, but God has been talking to me about the current situation of the Christian church in Japan, it is really worrying and I believe
that that was the reason why He led me to this path……I believe that young people tend to be more open minded for other people’s point of view, and I can express myself the best to people of my age.  Also, I think it is very important to reach younger people since the Japanese church is aging. I want to reach as many people as possible with the good news of the gospel.  In that process, I want to become friends with a lot of people so I can keep in contact with them even when I come back home, so we can help each other through the difficulties of being a Christian in the 2020’s.  I also want to learn more about the life of a missionary in the field of Japan, hoping that God confirms that that is what He wants for my life.

Breakdown of total project cost

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Cost of language course and set-up £4,000
Total: £4,000
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